Research Targets

Machinery systems and robots that realize human-machine coexistence include intelligent robots that have ability to "judge" and "learn", and human support robots that assist humans with dangerous or difficult tasks. In Mechatronics Laboratory, we aim to develop robot control technology to realize human-machine coexistence, and create machinery systems and intelligent robots to contribute to the society.
The research theme covers basic study: development of human machine interface using biological signals and development of haptic systems that improve force sensing and touch sensing ability of human, and implementation study: development of medical and welfare robots that help disabled persons to live more independently and have functional recovery and development of product-making robots available for highly accurate machining and welding.
We especially focus our efforts on collaborative research between industry and academia, and form collaborative project teams to conduct joint research concerning optimization of producing process of Sokeizai such as auto parts, and development of the human support robots in the field of medical service and welfare.
In future, we will further put our efforts on: in the field of medical service and welfare, development of medical and welfare robot technology to get over the super-aging society we will face in the near future; in the field of product-making, development of product-making support technology that provide world-class quality and performance.
To achieve the goal of creating new industry, we will particularly try to expand our original technologies for optimization of fluid behavior into the field of life and medical service such as regenerative medicine and drug discovery process, and into the field of design optimization of molds and shape optimization of products which are the core manufacturing technology.