Research Projects

Assistive Robot Group

Development of Wearable Robots
We develop assistive robots for those who have dysfunction of the upper limb to help their daily life movements such as wheelchair operation and transferring. We also develop assistive robots for lower limb movement aiming at elderly people and paralyzed patients.
Wheelchair operation
using a wearable robot

Development of Life Support Robots
We develop assistive robots for disabled or elderly persons to improve kinesthetic sense and relaxation. We support activities such as taking meals, sports, playing guitar and drawing.

Meal-assist robot "MARo" Painting with
a drawing assistive robot

Medical System Group

Development of Robots for Physical Therapy
We develop robots for physical therapy that assist therapeutic exercise for shoulder joint in order to relieve the physical load on physiotherapists. We will continue to contribute to the development of medical technologies.
Rehabilitation robot
that assists therapeutic exercise

Development of Medical Systems
We develop liquid handling technologies in the field of regenerative medicine and new catheter systems to improve the precision of treatment for arteriosclerosis. Furthermore, we develop a support system for human-robot collaborative surgical operation.
Development of
liquid handling robots

Machining Support Group

Optimization of Casting Process
We develop optimization algorithms using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). We also study optimization of mold design and product shape as well as optimization of casting process and die casting process.
Optimization of fluid behavior

Development of Machining Support Robots
We study haptic control methods that improve human force sensing and touch sensing ability. We also develop machining support robots that enable workers to make high-quality products without making mistakes.
High-accuracy machining
by bilateral control

Mobile Robot Group

Development of Welding Robots for Large Sized Structures
We develop welding control technology for steel plates of various shapes. We also develop a mobile welding robot which can achieve welding of large sized ships and structures autonomously.
Development of a welding robot
for shipbuilding

Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot
We use a small size autonomous mobile robot "MieC", which we developed, to study machine learning, communication between humans and robots, and image and sound recognition.
Autonomous mobile robot "MieC"

Development of Noncontact Object Transportation Systems
We study position and attitude control of objects using magnetic levitation device aiming at noncontact object transportation.
Attitude control
with magnetic levitation device