Research Projects

Wearable Robot Group

Development of Upper Limb Motion Support Robots
(active casts)
We are developing a wearable robot (active cast) that transmits residual muscle force to the hands for people who have upper limb function disabilities. Apart from daily living assists, it is also expected to effectively work for muscle rehabilitation purposes. Additionally, we are currently developing robot orthoses for lower limb movements.
Support for operating wheelchair by active cast

Development of Mechanical Orthosis to Realize QOL Improvement
We are developing a mechanical orthosis based on ergonomics aimed at improving rehabilitation and QOL (Quality of life) for patients who have dysfunction in knee joints and trunk.
Development of robotic orthotics for patients with osteoarthritis

Human Centric Robotics

Development of Self-Support Type Welfare Robots
We are developing welfare robots to support the independence of severely disabled people. We are also developing a robotic prosthetic to achieve smooth and beautiful walking, together with electrical wheelchairs for people with brain dysfunction.
A robotic prosthetic limb
to achieve smooth walking
Development of Life Support Robot According to User's Symptoms
We are developing a robot arm mounted on an electrical wheelchair. The robot arm supports daily motions such as grabbing objects. We are also developing an control interface that can be operated by the patient's residual function.
Development of robot arm for mounting electric wheelchair
Human Cooperative Assist Robot Development
We are developing robots that can cooperate with people in medical, welfare and industrial fields. In addition, we are developing a human-robot coordinated surgical operation assistive system that incorporates tremor stabilization technology.
Development of surgical operation support robot Development of liquid handling robot

Development of a Self-support Type of Welfare Robot
We are developing welfare robots aimed at improving exercise sensation, as well as relaxing mind and body, for people with physical disabilities or with aging issues. We support activities such as doing sports, playing guitar and drawing pictures.
Development of Guitar Playing Support Equipment "Kyoraku"
Support for creative activities by drawing support robot

CFD Optimization Group

Automated Control and Optimization of the Casting Process
In addition to developing an optimization system based on numerical fluid dynamics (CFD), we are conducting research on optimizing the casting process together with mold scheme shape, in order to achieve higher quality, better function and longer durability products.
Optimum shape of die-cast product

Development of Bio-system for Medical Device
We are developing a drug delivery system that realizes early healing in diseases like arteriosclerosis and infectious. We are also developing state-of-the-art medical systems such as cell sorters using microfluidic devices.
Analysis of microfluidic for cancer cells

Mobile Robot Group

Development of Next Generation Personal Mobility
We are developing mobile robots which are capable of working remotely in dangerous and bad environments. We are also developing a personal mobility robot focusing on irregular environment, which allows farm work and light housework to be done by one person for the coming super aging society
Personal mobility supporting irregular terrain

Development of Drive Robot
We are doing researches on operating a humanoid robot to drive a vehicle via automotive control method, in order to solve the recognition problem of external environment of the robot, as well as rescuing human life at the time of disaster occurrence.
Automatic operation test by drive robot

Control System Group

Development of Guitar Playing Supportive Device
For people with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, we are developing devices that support guitar playing, so that by applying music therapy and acquiring communication means within ensemble, QOL is significantly improved.
Development of a guitar playing support device for cerebral palsy

Estimation of Moving Object Position to Table Tennis Robot
We are studying on driving a robot to hit table tennis balls using position estimation of moving object. Eventually, we aim at realizing Table Tennis Rally between a player and the robot continuously.
Ball trajectory estimation in a table tennis robot

Intelligent Robot Group

Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot
We are using a small self-contained mobile robot "MieC" to develop a communication robot, as well as researching on image or speech recognition, language education and outdoor independent autonomous mobile robots.
Self-supporting mobile robot "MieC"

Development of Driving Support System
By accumulating experience from human driving experiments, we are researching on prediction of driving intension based on force feedback from steering wheel. Currently, we are trying to adapt the results of bench top models to actual small electrical vehicles.
Small electric vehicle COMS